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May 1, 1998

I've found a useful mailing list for those of you using Windows 95: Neat Net Tricks. This is a twice-a-month mailing of useful tips for using Windows 95. You can subscribe by going to the link above and clicking on the link at the bottom of that page.

Each month's issue includes a selection of useful Windows 95 shortcuts and some interesting web sites to check out.

March 3, 1998

Webmasters: Tired of having the email addresses on your pages "harvested" by spam robots? Check out WPOISON - Web Poisoning Software. This is a CGI program that generates false email addresses to poison the spammers' databases. You add a link to this CGI program on your page and any visiting address harvester that follows the link will find a dynamically-created page loaded with false addresses and links back to the same CGI program. The source for the CGI program is provided free for you to install on your own server, or you may link to WPOISON's site to use their copy.

October 6, 1997

Webmasters: Consider creating a "link to me" page. This page should contain sample HTML code for would-be linkers to use in linking to your page. I also recommend creating a small graphic like the ubiquitous Netscape and Explorer buttons that can be used as part of the link. For an example, check out my own "link to me" page.

October 3, 1997

If you use Netscape and it seems terribly slow, check the size of your history file. On my system the file is NETSCAPE.HST. When this file gets large (several hundred kbytes) it really slows down Netscape. Make a backup copy and then delete the file. This will reset all links to the unvisited color, because the history file is what Netscape uses to remember where you've been.

September 18, 1997

For those of you swamped with Pfaffies postings, consider this alternative way of reading the torrent. It requires that you have Netscape Navigator with Netscape Mail.

Instead of subscribing to the regular or digest list, go to the list archives and go to the pfaffies directory. Download the latest file in this directory (today's file is pfaffies_archive.9709) to your Netscape mail directory. This file is all the messages from the beginning of the month to the present. A new file is started each month.

Now open Netscape Mail. A new folder should have appeared with the name of the file you just downloaded. You can now browse the mail and reorder it by whatever criteria you like.

I expect this trick should also work for other mail programs that can read a standard mail file. Try it and let me know how it works.

September 17, 1997

A certain embroiderer I know was running her 7570 the other day when the needle popped out unexpectedly and shot towards her eye. It left a deep gouge across the lens of her reading glasses. Had she not been wearing them at the time, I expect that her eye would now be in a jar in the pathology lab.

So when you're using your sewing machine, I strongly recommend wearing safety glasses. If you wear prescription eyewear or reading glasses, check that it's rated for shock. If you don't have a pair handy, you can pick up a cheap disposable pair at the hardware store or a shooter's supply. Some kinds can be worn over prescription glasses not rated for shock. (You should be wearing them when operating power tools and when shooting, as well! )

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