Nimbus, the White Demon


[Ken speaking here.]

This is my fur-kid. She was born April 22, 1997. As you can see in some of the pictures, she's almost the same color as my blanket. If her eyes are closed, she often disappears into the texture, so I call her my "blanket flounder".

Squirming with Delight

My web-friend Judy created little cat-sized tents for Nimbus and sister Galadriel. You can see her description of their construction at the Fabric Affair site.

Something's Happenin'

Here you see Nimbus' sharp ears at work, catching the sound of the autofocus in the camera:

spotted in the tent
Catchin' the "red eye"

She's been spayed, but was climbing the metal security screen door two days after her operation, as if to say "Look at my scar!".

basket of babies
An early baby picture (Nimbus is on the left)
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She's alternately incredibly active (as if demonically possessed) and cuddlesomely quiet. We theorize that her gold eye represents the sweet kitten personality, and the blue eye represents the demon that races through the house at break-neck speed.

Princess on Her Throne

Her favorite "toy" is a chair hammock in the family room. In demon mode, she races up to the hammock and dives in, attempting to get it to swing as much as possible. She's done this since she first moved in at 6 weeks of age and could barely reach it. We think she may have some monkey DNA.

Hammock Time
Waiting to Pounce

Nimbus insists on cuddling at bedtime, so I refer to her as the tuna-powered blanket. (Saves on electricity in the winter!) She also shows up about the same time my alarm clock goes off for more cuddles, so I've nicknamed her "snooze button".

Caught in the Act

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