My Step Wife

Occasionally I mention my step wife and almost always someone catches it and sends me a request for explanation.

I live with a married couple, Jeff and Linda. I'd been hanging around with them while living with my mother after college. They had an extra bedroom and we all seemed to share a brain, so it was natural for me to move in. We were out at dinner one night and chatting with the waitress. Linda introduced Jeff as her husband and the waitress asked "Well, how is Ken related to you, then?" Linda replied, "He's the step husband." So ever since, I refer to her as my step wife.

Jeff does hardware, I do software, and Linda does the paperwork (and is good at it). Jeff and I got her a Pfaff 7570 computerized sewing/embroidery machine for her 1996 birthday. She also is an excellent cook and self-published a cookbook, Pastel Anxieties.

She doesn't drive due to glaucoma but can read with strong magnification (and patience), so I got her a Compuserve account just before Christmas 95 and now she globe-trots online. She's wonders what she's gonna do when we go on vacation and she's away from her modem for a couple of weeks. :-)

We call Jeff "Neutron Man" (after the Monty Python character) because even though he's light, he has the strength of a football player. He's a jack-of-all-trades who can design or fix just about anything. We also refer to each other as "my evil twin" because I'm Nordic white and he's Hispanic dark, but have similar builds and voice.

Jeff's head Me and Linda
Jeff Me and Linda in Hawaii's Lava Trees Monument
Cactus Garden Spice Cabinet
Jeff and Linda's cactus garden in bloom Linda's spice rack (the little one)

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