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Bay Alarm Company
Enya Unofficial Home Page


For Sale

Welcome To Forklift ExchangeWe Buy and Sell Used Forklifts
Welcome to Forklift Depot Inc.
forklift forum
Forklift Trucks
CND Equipment,Inc.
Forklifts Used & reconditioned forklifts for sale.
Forklift Sales Professionals Mail List Instructions and Sign-up
CNET The Awesomely Useful Guide To Where To Buy Computer Products
Mechanics Bank Home Page
CDW - Specials
Welcome to ONSALE Online Auction Supersite!
FAQ for


Kerry Newman
Welcome to Montalvin Manor
Sharon Telles Real Estate


Welcome to Pixar's Home Page!
Air Traffic Control - Dallas Fort Worth Area - SimuFlite Training International
Teddy Bears and Beanies for children of all ages to enjoy
1993 Fools: FAQ: Top-level international planet domain names
Chaos Manor Musings
Home Page for Calendar Reform
QProx - Electronic Hammer
My R.C. Page
Sole Convenience Inc. Bidet, Massage Chair, Home Page
romance - ad text
Nevada City, California -- Live Cam
This is to estimate your life expectancy
The Internet Movie Database. A database of more than 140,000 movies
Welcome to WWW.MTA.NET!
Union Station - The Los Angeles Rail Transit Web Page
Cheesy Poof Land
The Darwin Awards Archive
Reaper Miniatures
Earth: Final Conflict: Episode Preview
PBS Online
Looney Tunes Homepage
FineScale Modeler Magazine
Where true love is found
Part 2: Add a listing to the DEANZA Alumni Registry
Official Home of the JackPine Gypsies, Founders of the Sturgis Rally
Harley-Davidson Dealership Hot News
Welcome to THRILL!
Alfred Hitchclocks Antiques And Collectibles Page. Unusual antiques and collectibles -- just the thing if your interests in antiques and collectibles range from the rustic to the delightfully odd. We think shopping for antiques and collectibles should be fun!
NRA's Eddie Eagle Program


CD-R Game Copying
Inside Games - Features - The Unreal Walkthrough - Level 1: VORTEX RIKERS
Battlezone Center
GameSpot's Guide to Battlezone


Dan Kegel's Personal Activision Game Server Page
Battlezone Fractal Map Generator (BzFrac)
Game Depot: Battlezone - Downloads, Cheats, Reviews and more!

Douglas Adams's Starship Titanic

Tomb Raider


GPS and Maps

San Francisco Bay Area - Roads and Bridges
Vicinity Mapblast! Results

Local Files

portio User Guide
The Java Developers Kit (JDK)
KLOCR Serial Port Protocol
GEM Manual updates for SMIF
portio User Guide
Java Packages
1419 Breaker Panel
Help File for Pfaff-Utilities
Configuring TCP/IP Parameters
HTML Template CD-ROM HomePage
Ken Porter's Home Page (file version)
Installing Warp Connect and Mapper/Sorter on IBM 350 and 750

OS/2 and Linux

XFree86(TM): Home Page
Holger Veit
Welcome to Linux International
The Linux Home Page at Linux Online
Red Hat Software, Inc. - Home Page
Dr. Martinus - The Notebook/2 Site
Video For Linux
Caldera Systems, Inc.
LinuxWorld - Putting Linux to Work
Boycott Microsoft
Linux IP NAT Forum
The OS/2 Netlabs - Developer Corner
SpeedSoft - Speed-Pascal/2 and Sibyls home
Real-Time Linux
The Linux Documentation Project: Homepage
Linux vs. NT in the enterprise, 11/16/98
Peter W's stuff (Linux and OS/2)
IBM Year 2000 Home Page
OS/2 Warp Server / The Complete Network Package
Windows NT NTFS file system support for OS/2 (NTFS-OS2) home page
OS/2 'Must-Have' Utilities
Using Samba servers with OS/2 Warp
"OS/2 Warp Server vs Windows NT vs NetWare" CONTENTS via IBM BookManager BookServer
What is SMB, NetBIOS etc.?
warp 4. engage! (Ulrich Moeller's OS/2 page)
OS/2 TCP/IP V3.x Stack RSU Page
D's World - Latest version of OS/2 Warp 4 as of September 28, 1998
The Win32-OS/2 Project
Communicator for OS/2
Welcome to PCX - the home of LinkWiz, BakupWiz, and PortaTape
SouthSoft, Inc.
BMT Micro: FTP Browser
The OS/2 Supersite - PlusPak: PMINews! from Stardock bundled with PMMail
MR/2 ICE Home Page
Data Sheet Abstract: PCI1250A:PC CARD CONTROLLER
The Warpzilla Reference
Warpzilla Build Progress
Socket++ for OS/2
Warpzilla - Mozilla for OS/2
Fortify for Netscape - Home Page
The OS/2 Netlabs - Warpscape [Communicator 5 for OS/2]
EDM/2 - OS/2 Device Driver Programming
ONG SoftWare - HomePage
Directory of /pub/crypto/browsers/128bit/IBM-OS2
C F S Nevada, Inc. (REXX)
40th Floor - Software
OS/2 TCP/IP V4 Stack RSU Page
The Warp Pharmacy
OPL3­SA3 Yamaha Corporation of America Multimedia Audio OS/2 Device Drivers
OS/2 News and Rumors
OS/2 Fixpak XR_MS04
OS/2 Fixpak XR_M005
IBM Personal System Products Software Updates
Dos32QuerySysState API
John Summerfield
IBM PCs with Total Benefit of Ownership solutions
IBM OS/2 Warp 4 - OS/2 Warp Family of Products and Services
Warp Compatibility - IBM Systems
OS/2 Warp Help DeskHome
Warp Compatibility - Aptiva
OS/2 Warp performance tuning - 3
Netscape Navigator for OS/2 Warp - plug-ins hints and tips
IBM Software Choice - Catalog
OS/2 Forum Austria Home Page
HP OmniBook 800 Notebook PC - Installing OS/2 Warp or Warp Connect
What's up at Prominare?
DRDIALOG: Visual REXX programming environment (IBM)
SekTor Technologies
Best of OS/2 Home Page
Corrective Services
Welcome to the IBM Developer Connection
The Larsen Page
John Summerfield
QuickCam Viewer for OS/2
The Unofficial Warp 5 FAQ
Warp X - The future with OS/2 Warp.
Directory tree for
Installing Warp Connect and Mapper/Sorter on HP Vectra VL 5/xxx Series 5
OS/2 CONNECT - June 1997
Developer Connection Device Driver Kit (DDK V4.02)
John Summerfield's OS/2 tips
Netscape Navigator for OS/2 Tips and Tricks
OS/2 Warp / Netscape Navigator for OS/2 Warp
OS/2 Device Driver Pak CD - HOME PAGE


The ULTIMATE Flag Source
City of Richmond, California
CA Secretary of State - Primary98 - Election Returns
Election Results Frame
California State Assemblymember Dion Aroner
Murray Sabrin For Governor Of New Jersey
Caltrans Home Page
The Ken Hamblin Home Page


James P. Hogan Home Page
James P. Hogan FanSpace
Free Subscription Application to VISION SYSTEMS DESIGN


PFAFF Homepage
Hats New York

Technical stuff

WDOSX - free DOS extender
Welcome to the CommScope, Inc. Homepage
Gary's Encyclopedia - RAID
Travelstar home page
Y2K for Women -- The Year 2000 Computer Problem: What Every Woman Needs to Know and How to Keep Herself and Her Family Safe
Synaptics, Inc.
VCR LANC control protocol
DVD Forum
gd 1.3 - A graphics library for fast GIF creation
Planet 16-bits!
N440BX Frequently Asked Questions
Visual Source Code Explorer
KDOC -- C++ documentation extraction tool
Floating Point (AKA Numerical Computing)
CATC: USB & IEEE 1394 Analysis & Test Tools
CATC Industrial USB/Ethernet Link
Wotsit's Format: The programmer's file formats and data formats resource.
HP emulation for Motorola
Corelis Preprocessors and bus analysis probes for HP logic analyzers

PBX and telephone

Enterprise: Norstar - Power Tools: Resources (how to buy PBX) the First On-Line Resource for Computer Telephony and Communications.
Computer Supersite
Lucent Technologies Product Publications Catalog - Search
Lucent Technologies - Home Page
AirTouch Paging FAQ Page

Power PC

PowerPC Library
Index of /lit/manuals/mpc555um
powerpc a-rated resources: PowerPC, Motorola, IBM
powerpc buyers' guide: powerpc, mpc801, mpc823, mpc821, mpc850, ibm, motorola
powerpc catalog showcase: PowerPC, Motorola, IBM
powerpc white papers: PowerPC, Motorola, IBM


RTEMS Home Page
Real-Time Market: RTOS Buyer Guide
Real-Time Encyclopaedia: the reference for Real-Time
Real-Time Encyclopaedia: the reference for Real-Time
eCos Q & A
Cornfed Systems Inc
Real-Time Operating Systems Market Overview


The unofficial CP/M WEB SITE
CP/M dearchiver for DOS, with source
Directory of /pub/simtelnet/msdos/arcutils
OAK Software Repository - CP/M Archive
Prospero Z80 Cross Assembler
CP/M information archive : REL file format


The C++ Scalar, Vector, Matrix and Tensor Class Library Standard Page
CORDIC Bibliography
Edinburgh Portable Compilers
ADI - DSP Anomalies
3L Limited
3L Diamond RTOS (C4x Edition): Technical Overview
DSP Development tools, systems, and services for real-time applications
BORES Signal Processing DSP products
3L Ltd
Comp.dsp Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
BDTI Home Page - Independent DSP Analysis, Optimized DSP Software
Gnu C for TI C3x/C4x
TechOnLine Home Page
White Mountain DSP

For Sale

CompUSA's Emeryville Superstore
Fujitsu PC Corporation Home Page
Welcome to the Dell Store!
The Micron Additions Web Site.
HP Electronic Support Center
IBM 300 GL 6282-86U Support Page
Welcome to Gateway 2000 USA
MicronOpt - Millennia XKU 300
Micron Electronics Product Sheet - Computer Now!
Savvy Consumer: Read The Label
computer sales scams


Digital Camera Review
The Graphics File Format Page

DeviceNet and CAN

Philips Semiconductors; Controller Area Network (CAN)


CMM (r) Correspondence Group
Download Epsilon 9.02 Update
Directory of /rickh/dl (CCRider)
Software Metrics Investigation
Software Engineering Institute (SEI)
A Software Process Framework for the Capability Maturity Model
uC/OS, the real time kernel
Software Engineering Education Relevance Survey (1998)
RTOS: Accelerated Technology, Inc. - Nucleus PLUS Real Time Kernel
CVS log for ccvs/contrib/pvcs_to_rcs
The Dinkum C/C++ Library Reference
Embedded System Products,Inc. makers of the RTXC real-time operating system
GNU's Not Unix! - the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Frequently asked questions about the GNU C++ compiler - Table of Contents
Cyclic Software
CVS version control
Organizational Structure/Relations
Standard Template Library Adaptation Page
Hamilton Laboratories - Programming Tools
GHOST Software
Zinc Software
INTERNALS.COM - The ultimate web site for low-level programmers
Open Object Reference
Standard Template Library Adaptation Page
Western Wares CC-RIDER Home Page
auto_ptr discussion
Standard Template Library Programmer's Guide
Simtel.Net - Keith Petersen's Worldwide Shareware Distribution Network
Programming in C++, Rules and Recommendations
Allan Clarke's C++/Java resources


Colas Nahaboo X mouse wheel scroll page
Welcome To SPEC
HP SureStore DAT24 Product Data
HwB: The Hardware Book
CHEMBOOK by CHEM USA Corporation
laptop manufacturer
Flat Panel Displays and Touchscreens - Computer Dynamics
Azalea Barcode FAQ
Keithley MetraByte, the Leader in PC Data Acquisition
HP Vectra Pentium VL 5/xxx Series 5 PC Software
AIMI, AIM International, Inc.
Industrial ID (ie. barcode, matrixcode)
Barcode Specifications
Keithley Instruments Home
The Sun User Group
Tom's Hardware Guide
Adaptec Home Page
Third-party Quickcam software page
Active Imaging: Home Page
CardCam Video-In Capture PC Card
Where do I buy PCMCIA cables?
The Linux Busmouse Howto
Intellimouse protocol (Deja News article)
Troubleshooting Mice
Dick Perron's Hardware Link page
Bootnet ... HardWare/REVIEW: Matrox MGA-G200
The Computer Vision Homepage
Matrox Users Resource Centre


Applied Materials. The Information Age Starts Here.


FreeCore Library Homepage
186 Questions & Answers
Intel 186 Microprocessors
comp.sys.m68k Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
ARM7TDMI Microcontroller
Microcontroller Products - Samsung Semiconductor Inc., North America
AT91 ARM Thumb
E-Lab Inc.
IC layout and design
International Microsystems
EPROM programmer
Global Semiconductor Datasheets Library
FLASHBuilder Family
Welcome to ARK Logic
Intel Processors
Oki Semiconductor
Accelerated Graphics Implementors Forum
Features: AGP Graphics: A Bumpy Ride (12/97)
ACPI - Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
APM (Advanced Power Management) replacment
New Flash Memory Delivers Innovation by Design
Matrox MGA-G200

CAD free electronic design internet resources
AP Circuits
Ivex Design International
ACCEL Technologies, Inc.
Advanced Microcomputer Systems

Embedded board-level, dsp, embedded, realtime, rtos...
Beacon Development Tools, Home Page
Falstaff's Home Page
PIC, cross assemblers
Gespac - Embedded Industrial PC, GUI, GWINDOWS, G-64, CompactPCI, OS-9


PageMart Products and Services
The Fabric of Reality
World's First Proven Gunshot Location System!
2.007 homepage
Vernor Vinge on the Singularity


Index of /usbdi/
USB Links
DrayTek CORP.
USB ISDN TA (Europe only)


Value Net Home Page
Able Technical Service - Connectivity and Presence Options
BitSURFR Pro Flash ROM Updater to REV K
ZyXEL European File Distribution (ZEFDIS)
BuyComp Order Tracking Page
EarthLink - National LAN ISDN
n e t c o m . c o m
WhyWeb Online Signup
ValueNet Account Options
California ISDN User Group
DNAI Dialup Services
PacBell LAN ISDN Internet Access Pricing
Verio Northern California: ISDN
Telesouth, Americas ISP of Choice
ISP Directory

Web and Internet stuff

Terminals & Printers Handbook Appendix B
Video Terminal and Terminal-Emulator Information
The Kermit Project - Columbia University
@Home User Guide: Configuring @Home
Home of The Webalizer
Tools for Maintaining Web Servers or Creating Web Sites
HTTPd Log Analyzers
Referer Log Analysis Tools
Web-Stat : web counters, statistics and traffic analysis tools
Access Log Analyzers
WKMN Faster Ethernet Vendor Information
Welcome to Rootshell | Hosted by
Cable Modem Help
Motorola CableComm CyberSURFR Cable Modem Specifications
TPC.INT: Free International FAX
comp.dcom.lans.ethernet FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
PGP freeware
QPopper Home Page
Hyperlinked RFC Index
Sendmail Home Page
Netscape's DDE Implementation
Alertbox: Jakob Nielsen's Column on Web Usability
Apache Project
Search Engine Watch: News, Tips and More About Search Engines
Gossamer Threads - Web Design and Internet Consulting
Link database script
CIAC Internet Chain Letters
Pager Form for Airtouch Alpha Numeric Pagers
AirTouch Paging San Francisco
Troll Tech
Traceroute has moved to its own directory! - Subscribe, unsubscribe and send commands to mailing and discussion lists and groups
Junk E-Mail Filters and Software Tools for Users and Administrators.
FAST FTP Search v3.7
Usenet FAQs In Hypertext
Boxing Browsers
Research-It! - Your one-stop reference desk - Top Level Domain Registry
Java JDK - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
AT&T Wireless Services - Messaging Center
AnyWho: Find Telephone Number, Email, Home Page URL, FAX, Toll Free Number, and Address
Monolith Internet Services
Beaucoup Search Engines -- The BIG Page (without links)
Neat Net Tricks
Reverse Lookup - InfoSpace
Web Interface to Whois
Interfree Services Anonymizer
Best Viewed With Any Browser
The Interfree Online FrameFree Service Description
FAQ's on the Web
AirTouch America: Internet Paging FAQ's
Web Site Garage - One Stop Shop for Servicing Your Web Site
WebSideStory's Webmaster's Corner
Inference Find! -- Home Page and Resource Center
Deja News - Post News
Web Self Publishing - Available CGI
Usenet Topology
CompuServe's Virtual Key Reference Site
Well System Status



Introduction to WingDis 2.07
Internet Count Registration
InternetWeek Progress Page
Web Alert !
Cookie Central
A Kinder, Gentler HTML Validator
Free banners, logos, buttons
DYNDNS.COM: The Dynamic Domain Name Service
Network Time Protocol (NTP) Client
Public NTP Time Servers
Liszt, the mailing list directory
Heaven's Gate - How and Why It May Be Avoided
Logo Button Collection
Matt's Script Archive


Getting Beyond the ATA 8.4GB Limit
How to Troubleshoot Windows 95 Shutdown Problems
INF Viewer for Windows: IVIEW (IBM) (G) (M1)
NT 4 Resource Kit
CD-ROM Emulation
MS NT White Papers
Plannet Crafters Flywheel Page
enhancement shareware for Intellimouse
Windows95 Annoyances
Power Toys
Visual C++ Developers Journal - the most comprehensive source of information for Microsoft Visual C++ developers.


Software Development '97
Welcome to Trade Show Central

Send Ken An Internet Page
Intel Custom News Page
FasTrak Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)
Dell System Support Page: Latitude CPi
Dell System Support Page: Latitude LM
Dell System Support Page: PowerEdge 4200
XFree86/OS2 Download Page
README for XFree86 3.3.3 on OS/2
Colas Nahaboo X mouse wheel scroll page